Estuary English

Estuary English
   Identified by D.Rosewarne in The Times Educational Supplement of 19 October 1984, Estuary English is the variety of English between Cockney and Southern Standard. It is spoken, particularly by young people, in areas around the Thames estuary (Kent, Essex and East London), and is spreading further afield thanks to radio and television. Marked phonetic features include replacing ‘t’ with a glottal stop (‘Ga’wic’ for Gatwick), pronoun-cing th as v (‘fevva’ for feather), and dropping final consonants. ‘Me and mi mate wasn’ nevva goin’ t’ pay, no way’, illustrates typical usage. Condemned by traditionalists as sloppy, Estuary English speakers are, in fact, whether deliberately or unconsciously, developing egalitarian speech habits that smooth over class or ethnic distinctions.
   See also: Cockney; dialect

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